Channel management, redefined.

Know your channel inside out.

Our intuitive platform makes it easier to organise, understand and manage complex sales channels. With reliable data, easy-to-digest metrics and smart insights, channel management is easier when you use Dynasource.

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Data you can rely on.

Data is the foundation of great business decisions which is why you need to be able to trust the data you use, day in, day out. Whether it’s project experience, certifications or capabilities, all the data on our platform is checked for accuracy. Lead your network, today and tomorrow, without the hassle of worrying about data integrity.

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Earlier insights, faster solutions.

Maintaining a world-class partner network may sometimes be challenging but our platform empowers you to be proactive rather than reactive. Discover patterns earlier and understand the big picture. Recognize skills gaps much faster, streamline channel development efforts and kickstart effective collaboration between partners.

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Allocate leads like lightning.

Transform marketing leads into delighted customers by allocating them to partners with the most suitable experience, specialisms and capabilities. Smart, objective and data-driven insights from our platform will help match the right teams to the right project.

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Channel manager

Can I invite Inside Sales professionals directly?

Only the Community Admin of your community can invite Inside Sales professionals.

Can I invite professionals directly?

A channel manager cannot invite professionals to the Dynasource platform directly. A channel manager can invite partners to the platform who can then invite professionals.

Can I manage more than one channel?

It is not possible to manage more than one channel on Dynasource.

How do I invite partners to my channel?

To invite partners to your channel as a Channel Manager, go to your dashboard and click on either ‘View registered’ or ‘View pending’. Then click on ‘Invite’, provide a name and email address and click ‘Invite’. If you wish to invite a large amount of users in one go, use the invite link and distribute it to the people you want to invite via whatever channel you choose (e.g. email, slack).

What role does a Channel Manager play on the Dynasource platform?

A channel manager is the person who manages a partner channel within Dynasource. He or she invites the partners to join the channel. Besides that, the channel manager is able to see insights about the channel.

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